Gone are the days where static content dominated your social media feeds. TikTok now enables users to post videos that run for 60 seconds or less. The short timeframe gives users the chance to post creative and engaging content, with an emphasis on catching attention quickly. 

Though 60 seconds or less might be too short to get some marketing messages across, TikTok is becoming the go-to marketing playground for modern businesses. 

We examine why video is becoming one of the best marketing mediums and how you can use TikTok to expand your reach in fun and creative ways.

Videos Are The Future of Digital Content!

In the marketing landscape, content is everywhere. As your customers scroll through their social media, chances are that they’ll stop and engage with a video. Whenever something moves or makes a noise, it will capture our attention – it’s just human nature. Making your video content stand out, especially in the first few seconds, is key to boosting engagement. 

According to Wyzowl’s study, 93% of marketers say video advertisements have helped increase their brand awareness. In the same study, people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends and help expand brand awareness.

What about TikTok?

TikTok takes the 2.7 second engagement period and elevates it to the next level. With more than 1 billion active users world-wide, TikTok gives you multiple opportunities to share your branded content on a global scale. If you’re struggling to engage with audiences under 30 years old, then creating branded content on TikTok is the way to go as more than 60% of users fall under this demographic. 

There are numerous ways for you to directly engage with your viewers and prospective audiences on TikTok. Be it via the comments functions or by participating in viral trends, creating branded TikTok content is an accessible way to enter the video-marketing space.

Get Creative!

Working with TikTok for Business gives you access to top view ads – which are videos that appear once each day when someone launches the app. You can also promote your business with in-feed ads, which appear once a day on the user’s ‘For You’ page. 

If all of the ad talk is overwhelming, then you can participate in hashtag challenges. This method of advertising allows your brand to make bespoke hashtags, which users can use to create content as part of a 6-day challenge.

Having branded effects can empower TikTok users to add special effects, stickers and filters to their video content. This allows users to show off your brand to a wider audience and expand your business’ reach.

Deciding To Use TikTok

If your audience is already on TikTok, then it’s a good opportunity to join them and create great content they can share with others. But if you’re looking to expand your brand’s audience and include younger consumers in your target demographics, then joining TikTok can help you.

Already have video content on other platforms? You can repurpose this content by editing it down to meet the less-than-60-seconds TikTok video requirement. Be it snippets or turning it into a series, there’s no need to make new content to replace the old content.

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