Start: Reaching new customers with TikTok

Day 1 - 2:40pm - TikTok Learning Hub

Go from having zero presence to having your business on TikTok with this empowering, clarifying session. Learn why TikTok is the ideal place for SMEs to be discovered, find their community and connect with new customers. Whether you're a total TikTok newbie or you're familiar with the ForYou Feed, you'll benefit from expert tips and tricks that will teach you to use our tools to help your brand stand out and your business succeed.

Hosted by Ben Panther & Bethany Rao-Davies from TikTok

Be found on Google - Digital Garage

Day 1 - 11:40am - Main Stage

Getting your free Google My Business profile in order to capitalize on the demands of the modern consumer. In this session we will cover the fundamental principles to ensuring your business or product shows up to the right person, in the right place, at the right time with Google Search as well as how to make the most of the free tools and insights available to help inform business decision making.

Hosted by Ellyn Ricketts & Nathan Laing, Google

Getting found online - presented by Rocketspark

Day 1 - 10:45am - TikTok Learning Hub

A hands on and exciting workshop where you learn step by step the basics of getting found online. We’ll remove the mystery of SEO. BYOD and website editor log in to make the changes to your website in real time!

**Bring Your Own Device**

Hosted by Jason Tiller from Rocketspark

Create: Building ad creative with TikTok

Day 1 - 3:50pm - TikTok Learning Hub

You don't need big budgets to tell big stories. Join us for a crash course on how to TikTok like a pro by creating authentic, engaging content. Whether you're completely new to TikTok or a comfortable creative, we'll show you how to tell your story on TikTok and how to put your existing assets to good use, creating original content for your next TikTok ad! Our session will leave you with inspiration, clear direction, and the confidence to create successful ad content for TikTok.

Hosted by Lucas Wagschall & Bethany Rao-Davies from TikTok

How to create effective marketing campaigns across Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and LinkedIn.

Day 1 - 4:45pm - Main Stage

A step by step guide to target new audiences, create paid ads, and get tangible results for your business using the Meta Suite (Facebook & Instagram) and LinkedIn.

Hosted by Jonty Hodge from Kepla

Grow: Setting up TikTok ads

Day 2 - 2:50pm - TikTok Learning Hub

Ready to grow your business? Set up TikTok Ads with us, live! We'll walk you through what it looks like at a high level to run successful advertising creatives on TikTok and take you step by step through the process of making it happen. From setting up TikTok Ads Manager to campaign best practices, we'll cover all the details and tools you need to get up and running. Laptops are recommended for this hands-on, interactive session.

**Bring Your Own Device (Laptop preferred)**

Hosted by Lucas Wagschall from TikTok

Taking Kiwi business to the world

Day 2 - 11:35am - Main Stage

In this workshop we will cover how your business can grow and expand overseas with the help of a range of free tools and insights available with Google.

Hosted by Ellyn Ricketts & Nathan Laing, Google

TikTok small business success stories

Lunch Session - Day 1 - TikTok Learning Hub

Join us for a discussion with SME leaders, who will talk about the challenges they've faced throughout their entrepreneurial journey, and how they've overcome them and found success leveraging TikTok. We'll discuss how to reach new customers, save time and resources on marketing, and effectively grow your business on TikTok.

Hosted by Ben Panther & Bethany Rao-Davies from TikTok

How to make your website effective / How to make an effective website - managed by Rocketspark

Day 2 - 10:40am - Main Stage

In this workshop we'll share insider tips and tricks on how to be more successful online.
- Easy design principles to make a great first impression
- Simple ways to make your website work hard for you
- Learn the value of a blog on your website and how to make one

Hosted by Jason Tiller from Rocketspark

How to measure your campaign performance

Day 2 - 3:45pm - SME&E Classroom

Learn how to measure the impact your digital advertising campaigns have on your business to understand what ROI you are getting, and the tools you need to track website interactions, sales & more.

Hosted by Jonty Hodge from Kepla

TikTok Ads 101

Lunch Session - Day 2 - TikTok Learning Hub

Curious about TikTok Ads? In this session, we'll show you how to put your advertisements in front of millions of TikTok users to amplify your business and drive conversions. Join us for an in-depth discussion about our suite of TikTok ad solutions, targeting capabilities and creative tips to supercharge your ad performance. Our session will not only leave you with a clear TikTok advertisement strategy, but also a game plan on how to navigate the upcoming holiday season to maximize sales.

Hosted by Ben Panther from TikTok

Add to Cart: Simple Ecommerce for SMEs

Day 1 - 4:45pm - SME&E Classroom

Is your business ready to start building an Ecommerce Store or are you wanting to grow your existing one?

In this workshop we will share tips on how to effectively choose the most simple solution for your business and build an ecommerce store in an affordable way.

We will also walk you through how to continue to drive traffic to your Online Store and keep it converting into sales.  

Hosted by Kelly Duncan and Rob Hayden from Yellow New Zealand


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