We have made this as simple as possible; click on this link here or the button below (on your right if on a PC) to create an account, which is your email and password. We'll confirm your login and you are away! 

Click on the event you want to watch then scroll down the page to find the session you'd like to re-watch and boom! You are in.

You can re-watch all sessions on demand for 3 months apart from a couple of keynotes.

If you have any issues logging in - please get in touch with us using the from at the bottom of this page. 

SME&E events app

Make the most of your SME&E Growth experience by downloading the SME&E Events app! 

In the app you can interact with the event program, favourite the sessions you don't want to miss, and check out the profiles of all our speakers and workshop hosts. It is in the app you can pose questions to our speakers, panellists, and workshop hosts (main stage only) for them to answer at the end of their presentation. If there is a question you see that someone else has asked that you'd also like the answer to, then '1UP' it to raise it to the top of the list!

You can also update your own profile with your contact details if you wish, and if you're at the event, scan the NFC each other's lanyards to share contact information so you can reconnect after SME&E Growth! How hand is that! Business cards be gone! 

Click the links below to download the app on your device today! Available on Google Play, Apple, and as a web/desktop app.

Please note: this is a prototype app that we'll develop as our events grow, so if you've got any suggestions or feedback we'd love to hear them! Use the 'Contact Us' form below to get in touch. 

Click the links below, or in your preferred app store search "NZ SME&E Festival".


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