“The SME&E podcast priority is to create content that is contextually relevant and easy to understand. We do not want to over complicate business learning, we want to help you achieve your potential” - Craig Murray, Founder of NZ SME&E Events and podcast host. 

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek

BE our guest

Are you a founder of an exciting business from New Zealand or Australia that is achieving amazing things, and you'd like to share your story? We'd love to hear from you... simply fill out this form and our podcast host Craig will get in touch!

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Thanks for reaching out to us, Craig will be in touch soon!

Monday Podcast:

A 25-30 minute tactical business workshop. Here we drill down into detail with a focus on creating valuable content that you can implement in your business, this is not a theory based podcast, we will get into the detail to teach you. Our guests are accountants, business coaches, marketing managers, content creators, digital marketers, copy writers, website developers, bloggers, linkedin experts, Facebook creators, Instagram influencers, wellness & wellbeing coaches, sales process experts, psychologists, process managers, lawyers, brand experts, business strategists, story tellers, HR consultants and more… 100% Free content, our focus is to help your business.

Friday Podcast:

A 25-30 minute discussion with successful business founders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and SMB owners. We will host all of the SME&E Headliners (Justine Troy, Jehan Casinader, Rachel Taulelei, Cassie Roma, Mike Hutcheson, Craig Hudson). Our guests are inspiring successful business owners who will provide valuable insights and knowledge to help your business . The line of questions will be centric to their business origin story, what tactics helped their business grow and what they would have loved to know before they went into business. We dive into the business strategy would they lean into during a Pandemic if they had a SME now.


Episode 1 SME&E Podcast with Special Guest Cassie Roma - Why having a brand story is more important than ever.

EPISODE 3 SME&E Festival Podcast Mike Hutcheson - Marketing Tactic to help you business

Episode 2 SME&E Festival Podcast Guest Miriam Hewson - Small Business Structure & Managing Cash During Crisis

EPISODE 4 SME&E Festival Podcast Guest Richard Liew - How to develop your business idea into reality

EPISODE 5 SME&E Festival Podcast Guest’s Rachel Taulelei & Tabitha - Why you need a Brand and Business Strategy

Episode 8 Angus Brown - How to develop a billion dollar brand

EPISODE 10 Adrienne & Huia - Fintech lending for Small business

EPISODE 12 Janine Grainger - How to start a tech company in NZ

EPISODE 6 SME&E Festival Podcast Guest’s Ian Cartwright - How to create a sales process and increase sales.

EPISODE 9 David Remmerswaal - SEO basics for SME

EPISODE 11 Tim Jones - What is B Corp and why is it a good idea


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