Main Stage | Day 2 | 8:30am

Founder of OVERDOSE.

Leading the global expansion of Overdose., an independent boot-strapped group of Commerce Consultants. Or, what they call a digital commerce anti-agency, agency.

Founded in 2017 and now a growing global crew of 450+ delivering strategic end-to-end digital services for high growth retailers. Proudly HQ'd in Auckland, with teams across Australia, Singapore & the Americas, servicing a stellar line-up of merchants. 

In this presentation Todd will provide first hand insights on what mindset it takes to build a successful international agency. Join Todd on the discovery of the path less trod & thinking in negative spaces.

Think bigger.
Break the rules.
Get sh*t done.

Todd Welling on video:

Overdose Composable Commerce Summit: APAC 2022 - Overdose. | YouTube | 16.02.22

Todd Welling in the media:


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