Main Stage | Day 2 | 4:50pm

Co-Founder & CEO of Hnry

In his headline presentation James will tell us his incredible story of how two non-accountants built Hnry, one of NZ’s largest accountancy companies, all from just a couple of spreadsheets at their dining room table. Sharing his experience of scaling a disruptive business and revolutionizing an entire industry.

James will also provide insights on how Hnry raised over $65m in just 4 years, and how they expanded into overseas markets when they weren't quite ready (and why that turned out to be a stroke of genius). He will also touch on how imposter syndrome can be used to your advantage, how to grow and maintain a high-performing team culture that doesn’t take any passengers.

James Fuller began his career as an application developer, before moving into technology strategy and consultancy. After senior roles at Thomson Reuters and Deloitte, he decided to strike out on his own as a growth consultant for startup, corporate, and government clients.

It was rewarding work, but James found himself struggling with the amount of tax and financial admin involved in being self-employed. To solve the issue, he and co-founder Claire created a simple, homemade system to automate calculating and paying self-employed taxes.

They shared their system with self-employed friends, realised that there was a market for it, and got to work improving their solution. In 2017, James and Claire officially launched Hnry; a service designed to automatically calculate, pay, and file taxes for sole traders.

Today, Hnry is New Zealand’s largest, and Australasia’s fastest-growing accounting service. We process billions of dollars’ worth of payments every year, handling around 1% of New Zealand’s tax revenue. Best of all, we free up thousands of hours for clients to focus more on what they do best - their jobs. Hnry is on a mission to make self-employment simple, affordable, and accessible for anyone.

James Fuller on video:

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