Main Stage | Day 2 | 9.:30am

"The way to change the world, to solve the social and environmental problems we face, is to change the way we do business."

Founder of Ethique, Environmentalist, & Social Entrepreneur

While I’m best known for establishing the world’s first full range beauty and lifestyle brand (Ethique – a regenerative beauty brand now sold in over 22 countries, in more than 8000 stores), I'm also an animal-obsessed, science-loving scuba diver with a love for exploring slightly unusual places.

I was 24 and studying towards a science degree in 2012 when I reached the logical conclusion that with so much water found in our bathrooms there’s no need to add it to the likes of shampoo, conditioners, moisturisers, household cleaners and cosmetics, which are usually 60-95% water. By making these products solid and simply sending the active ingredients to our customers, there’s no need for plastic containers.

My first solid products were formulated in my kitchen, along with the idea of helping eliminate plastic from the global beauty industry. The overarching goal is to put a bar in every shower and to change consumers' behaviour, whilst proving to businesses that they can be environmentally proactive while also being financially sustainable.

  • Named a ‘ Top 100 Global Thinker’ by Foreign Policy magazine in 2016

  • 2019 NZ EY 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year'

  • One Young World's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020

Brianne West on video:

Road to Remarkable - Seed Waikato | YouTube | 09.10.19

Brianne West - 2022 BLAKE Leader - Blake NZ | 10.11.22


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