If you have been wondering whether you should attend the SME&E Festival, this blog will hopefully help.

SME&E Content

The SME&E festival focus is twofold, ensuring that we curate content that will provide you with new practical hard and soft skills and to make sure that the content is contextually relevant to help your business move forward faster.

What is our content plan for SME&E

We’ve developed a world class two day Headliner speaker series, each speaker will inspire and motivate you to shoot for the stars, at the same time ground you with authentic stories of business challenges that are coming and the tactics to prepare for them. We are working alongside our 7 Headliners to weave SME&E Pillars into their presentation, our pillars are the foundation of our content. Our workshops add more value by aligning to our pillars and linking in key messages the Headliners described in their 45-60minute presentations. Our headliners are unicorn business experts, who are on a mission to help you!

We have hand picked Workshop facilitators that excel in their niche, you will be learning from people who understand you, practitioners who know how concisely and clearly articulate their topics for you to absorb.

SME&E Pillars

  1. The power of an idea
  2. Marketing for the now
  3. Wellbeing in the workplace
  4. Working in the new normal
  5. Planning for future business success

What are some of the topics at SME&E?

The SME&E content will help develop your:

  • business idea
  • brand story
  • customer journey
  • Ecommerce user experience
  • a sales funnel
  • business plan
  • Government funding approach
  • local govt approach
  • what business loans you should consider and why they can help
  • the SMB, SME and Entrepreneur accounting software that you should use now
  • targeted marketing strategies
  • an empathetic, encouraging work culture
  • digital marketing campaigns
  • content for the right social platform
  • leadership during a crisis
  • business voice/archetype
  • business values

SME&E is designed like a music festival… How?

Well, that’s why we ditched the word conference and replaced it with festival. Festival instantly sends your mind a message about fun, entertainment, creativity, innovation, music, noise and happy people. All of SME&E headliners, workshops, lounges and catering stations are in the TSB Arena, which simplistically is a 2400sqm big rectangular shaped flat floor venue.

The workshops are purposely themed spaces, to help provoke alternate thinking and creativity. When you step into the workshop you’ll feel like you are in a new space, think of festoon lights, lush plants, lighting, bright colours. You’ll plug your headphones into an app to listen to our facilitators, our facilitators are on a mission to add value, that is the core purpose to serve yo, this event is 100% to help you and your business succeed.

You may be thinking wont it be noisy? You’ll hear a hum of activity and that is exactly what we are aiming for, the hum of activity adds to our learning experience, we are working hard to make sure SME&E Festival add value!

SME&E Lounges

In addition to the themed workshop space, we have two big lounges, one is all business, and aptly named the Business Lounge, little nooks and angular spaces with plenty of seating for you to have a few minutes to catch up on emails, or for an impromptu meeting. Our Xero Wellness Lounge is a tranquil, relaxing space, grab your espresso coffee or herbal tea and chill, before you head back into the Festival zones.

In summary, we have created this event purley based on attendee experience, whether you are there physically or jump on the virtual option, our main mission is to create a festival that helps you and you with relevant information!

We haven't described our Festival Networking party yet, we’ll leave that for another blog.

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