Do you sometimes find it really hard to figure out what to post? There are so many types of content, it can get really complicated.

Some types of content

1. Create videos
2. Repurpose audio content
3. Feature user-generated content
4. Influencer marketing
5. Sharing content and adding your perspective
6. Use engagement prompts
7. Share company news
8. Go live

There’s no denying that content creation is time-consuming. You have to think of what to post, create a graphic, write a caption, choose hashtags, post the content, and engage with your audience in the comments—and then do it all again, and again, and again.

While the challenges of social media content creation may feel daunting, showing up consistently has big benefits for your business. By posting valuable content consistently, you can;

1. Grow your audience
2. Increase brand awareness
3. Build authority in your industry
4. Improve engagement

If you are looking to achieve any of the benefits above, it is worth figuring out a sustainable strategy for saving time planning and creating social media content. The key to achieving this is twofold—planning in advance and batch working content creation.

Each month, set aside 1-2 hours to map out your social media content for the following month.

Things to include in your plan:

Number of posts

How often do you post (or want to post) each week?


What are your overall business goals for the month? How can your content support those goals?

Any important dates

Do you have a new product or service launching, or an event? Plug those into your plan first.

When planning content, it is important to remember that content doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Really anything can be content if it is valuable to your ideal audience. Share your knowledge, take your audience behind the scenes, introduce your team, share customer testimonials or reviews, answer frequently asked questions. Know that you have insight that your audience craves—they told you that when they chose to follow you.


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