Main Stage | Day 1 | 8:30am

"The speed at which technology is moving right now means that everyone has the opportunity to disrupt markets and grow exponentially."

Founder & CEO of Arcanum AI

Prepare to think differently about how you could be using technology to grow your business, as you listen to Asa Cox while he endeavours to pop the ‘NZ bubble’ of thinking when it comes to new tech.

He will explore the new technologies that can impact growth opportunities for businesses in New Zealand, alongside inspiring stories and case studies from international early adopters of AI and other transformative technologies.

With over 7yrs experience working with applied AI, he'll also offer his practical advice on how to explore tech to grow in a challenging climate.

Asa is a self-proclaimed AI optimist based in Wellington and has 4 kids under the age of 10. Asa uses ChatGPT daily and is passionate about unlocking the value of AI to 10X productivity.

Asa Cox on video:

Using AI to unleash Awesome! - NZ.AI | Sept 2021

A Kiwi Original - Asa Cox | Arcanum 055 - New Zealand Made | YouTube | 11.09.20


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