How to build a wellbeing culture on a shoestring

Day 2 - 11:35am - TikTok Learning Hub

If you’re people leader, business owner or a wellbeing champion, come along and grab some practical tips for supporting your team’s wellbeing and creating a healthy workplace culture. We’ll explore ways to design engaging and impactful wellbeing initiatives that require low to no financial investment and look at ways to leverage internal enthusiasm and capability.

Hosted by Philly Powell from Wellbeing Tick

Productive mindsets over busy bodies. How to mitigate staff shortages and work more efficiently

Day 2 - 3:45pm - Main Stage

Finding adequate team members seems to be on top of the list for many business owners. In this workshop you will learn how to navigate through resource shortages effectively and manage your to do list so you can feel accomplished everyday.

Hosted by Miriam Hewson from Futureproof Concepts

How to leverage freelancers and contractors to support, grow and scale your business.

Day 2 - 11:35am - SME&E Classroom

In this workshop you will learn how to leverage the power of great freelancers and contractors to help grow and scale your business; how and where to hire; what to consider when thinking about hiring; the myths about working with freelancers and contractors; and how you can grow your business through bringing in great talent.

Hosted by Priscilla Chand from Hire Her

Protect your wellbeing by establishing boundaries at work

Day 1 - 10:45am - SME&E Classroom

It’s undeniable that work can be stressful and sometimes the pressure can seem relentless. In this session you’ll explore ways to set yourself healthy work boundaries and not be a slave to the perceived pressure of 24/7 connectivity. Learn how to take back control of your life-work balance with the mantra “Wellbeing first, work second. Always.”

Hosted by Philly Powell from Wellbeing Tick

Employee share schemes: tackle the talent war

Day 2 - 2:50pm - SME&E Classroom

We'll guide you through the key questions to consider and steps to establishing an effective employee share scheme, that motivates key people in the company without fighting on wage. A workshop designed for owners or key decision makers in private companies.

Hosted by Luke Smith from Orchestra and Georgina Toomey from LegalVision

How to recruit epic people and retain your team

Day 1 - 3:50pm - Main Stage

With a talent shortage on our hands, this workshop will provide you with practical tips on what it takes to recruit the right people into your business and the steps you can take to maximise the retention and engagement levels of your people.

Hosted by Tracey Soffe from Strategy Collective


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