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STRATEGY Workshops

Ian Cartwright Sales Coaching presents: The 6 Fundamentals of Sales Know-How

If you need help in sales, this one’s for you! In this 45-minute workshop we cover the 6 Fundamentals of Sales Know-How. You’ll workshop your own sales process and we’ll step by step talk you through how to develop your sales process. Presented by author and globally experienced sales coach Ian Cartwright and author of The 6 Fundamentals of Sales Know-How; this fast paced, practical workshop will help you understand the '6 Fundamentals of Sales Know-How' and 'How to design your sales process'.

This workshop is proudly presented by Ian Cartwright Sales Coaching

Hosted by Ian Cartwright from Ian Cartwright Sales Coaching

'She'll be right' is OUT. Confident business decision making is IN - Business Risk & Insurance

One moment in time, one mistake, one accident and everything you built could be gone.

When the unexpected happens, insurance can be the difference between survival and ruin. We will show you how insurance can reduce the risk of doing business and enable confident decision-making.

Want your business to survive, attend this workshop.

Hosted by Anna Parker from Frank Risk.

Business planning on steroids - size up your goals and rewards

Are you thinking big enough? Do you get what you want out of your business? You deserve to! We’ll start at a 5 year vision and teach you a simple framework that successful businesses in NZ implement every 90 days to get them closer to their goals.

Hosted By Luke Kemeys from Next Advisory.

How to create a financial forecast for the troughs and growth in your business

If you are too busy working in the business and not thinking about growing your business. This workshop will provide insights and tools to create financial plans and cash flow forecasts so you have the opportunity to springboard forward.

Hosted by Miriam Hewson from Futureproof Concepts.


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