Kathryn Berkett


9:35am Wednesday
Sir Woolf Fisher Arena

Specialist Communicator in Neuroscience Information

Kathryn Berkett has been teaching audiences about themselves for over sixteen years. She is the master of getting across research-based, neuroscientific information in a way that is easy to understand, internalise and translate into practice.

Kathryn is one of a few specialists in the country who has certified with Dr Bruce Perry as a Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) practitioner. She also has her Masters of Educational Psychology.

Kathryn’s work takes her all over the country working with a huge range of different organisations and individuals - including the National Police College and a diverse range of people from politicians to judges, corporates, schools, parents, and athletes.

Kathryn has built up a huge knowledge base around interpersonal neurobiology, and continues to study and take part in trainings on the subject – always keeping her information up to date and relevant.

Kathryn has a unique ability to engage audiences, convey complex information in an easy-to-listen to, easy-to-understand way. The information she can share with you will enlighten you about yourself and those around you.

What is it about that moment when we can’t find our keys? Or we can’t remember the new password we entered? Or we are standing in front of someone and their name just won’t come to our lips? Maybe you want to know about that person in your team who seems to ‘block’ any ideas or progress? Or you want to know why you can’t get into the ‘flow’ some days but can in others? Kathryn will unpack the stress response and our neurobiological reactions to our environment in a way that will have you saying: “Oh my goodness – that makes complete sense!” This information will give you the insight and clarification to set in practice new ways of avoiding these moments. And when you can’t avoid these moments (because lets be real – we are only human) you will have more understanding of why they happen, and be more likely to forgive yourself and those around you. A great way to improve our world – one situation at a time!

Kathryn’s work has resulted in thousands of people to be inspired, validated and energised by the information she imparts. Many have cited the way Kathryn delivers this information as being ‘life changing’. 

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Kathryn Berkett on video:


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