IDEAS Workshops

The power of an idea (it's not what you think!)

Day 1 - 4:45pm - TikTok Learning Hub

Ideas can change the world. But there's a huge difference between having a good idea and building a successful business. This powerful and inspiring session is for anyone looking for business ideas, or who has an idea and wants to create a plan to make it happen.

Hosted by Richard Liew from NZ Entrepreneur Magazine and Startup NZ Entrepreneurs Programme

Employee share schemes: tackle the talent war

Day 2 - 2:50pm - SME&E Classroom

We'll guide you through the key questions to consider and steps to establishing an effective employee share scheme, that motivates key people in the company without fighting on wage. A workshop designed for owners or key decision makers in private companies.

Hosted by Luke Smith from Orchestra and Georgina Toomey from LegalVision

Taking Kiwi business to the world

Day 2 - 11:35am - Main Stage

In this workshop we will cover how your business can grow and expand overseas with the help of a range of free tools and insights available with Google.

Hosted by Ellyn Ricketts & Nathan Laing, Google

TikTok small business success stories

Lunch Session - Day 1 - TikTok Learning Hub

Join us for a discussion with SME leaders, who will talk about the challenges they've faced throughout their entrepreneurial journey, and how they've overcome them and found success leveraging TikTok. We'll discuss how to reach new customers, save time and resources on marketing, and effectively grow your business on TikTok.

Hosted by Ben Panther & Bethany Rao-Davies from TikTok

Sustainability: Brace for impact

Day 2 - 10:40am - SME&E Classroom

Sustainability is arguably the biggest challenge of our time and it’s set to impact on us in a big way. Our response to a ticking time clock needs to be impactful.

At this workshop, learn about what sustainability is and why it is such a key challenge along with some tools and actions you can begin to take on your journey.

Expect fun, interaction and to co-create this experience together.

Hosted by Lauren James from Business NZ

Intent is not enough when incorporating Māori Culture – EXECUTION is key!

Day 1 - 11:40am - SME&E Classroom

As a Māori Business who helps organisations build and execute their cultural strategy, we often see the intent is genuine, but the execution still looks like a tick box exercise.

In this 45 minute wānanga with Michael Moka and founder of Indigenous Growth Limited we will demistify 3 beliefs - that get businesses who care in trouble:
- The Snow Ball Effect: Starting small and hoping to gain momentum
- Top down approach: Developing the leaders and owners first
- Cultural Tax: Using your Māori staff

At the end of this wānanga you will get a simple model that will help you know what your role is in incorporating Māori Culture into your business and the first step to executing your strategy with excellence. Executing your Intent Excellently!

Hosted by Michael Moka from Indigenous Growth Limited


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