Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Day 1 - 2:40pm - Main Stage

You built your business off the back of your Reputation and Referrals. Then people said you needed to run ads to continue to grow. It didn’t work. Why not just scale your Reputation? It’s worked before. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok, we’ll show you how to scale your Personal Brand today.

Hosted by Stanley Henry from The Attention Seeker

Know to Grow: Writing, Telling, & Understanding the power of your story

Day 2 - 3:45pm - TikTok Learning Hub

Over the past two years all businesses - no matter the size or scope or industry - have been shaken to their core. We’ve learned to bob, weave, rest, run, & rethink how we approach success & our customers. Now more than ever it is important to be able to succinctly tell your brand’s story. To add value through language & connection is a superpower that all businesses can unlock - it just takes time & one heck of a great template.

Your most powerful resource is a shared narrative - so let’s start building yours.

You’ve got to own your story before someone else does.

Hosted by Cassie Roma from CR&Co

Cassie Roma is also one of our incredible headline speakers. Catch her on the main stage at 1:55pm Wednesday!


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